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CogAT Form 6

Till date there are 7 editions or versions of CogAt tests that has come out. It is always the latest version that is used for the exams by the various schools. However, there is always a transition period in between. Therefore, there are still some schools that use Form 6 i.e. the sixth version or the sixth edition for testing the abilities of the students. There are specified sets of booklets for each level or version. These sets of booklets are purchased by the schools organizing the said exam and are reused by them on every year. Therefore, because of the heavy monetary outflow required, updating the new version or edition becomes difficult for the schools. There are different levels of CogAT that can be given depending on the age or the grade of the student who is being tested. The different test levels that can be opted for a student in Form 6 while appearing for the test is Primary K, 1 or 2 or multi-levels 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 or 12. Form 6 was the first edition when the different levels of the exam were identified.

The CogAT Form 6 tests a student on three cognitive areas. These areas are verbal battery, non-verbal battery and quantitative battery. Each of these three sections has three sub sets. All these sub sets are not only timed separately but are also broken into 9 separate and different components to judge and analyze the student in the best possible manner. The student who wants to appear for the CogAT exam has to fill the required form. There are various sections in the said form which are explained below.

While filling CogAT Form 6, the first section is related to the payment information, i.e the details of the method through which the payment of the fee for the exam is being made. Then the form requires the full detail of the purchaser of the form. These details include name, position, address, phone number, email address etc. The next section of the form require the individual to select the booklets or the test books on the basis of the level of test they want to appear for The details about the booklets and the price of the booklets are specifically mentioned in the section. The person filling the form is just required to fill the quantity near the code number of the book and the total price for the said books. There are booklets that provide sample testing as well as the answer sheets for them. There are also options of purchasing the scoring and reporting materials, scoring mask, combines answer folders, reusable text books etc. Many schools purchase the full set of the books and use the same to organize the said CogAT exams at their premises. The said schools can organize these exams again and again every year to judge the ability of its students and help the students to develop and improve in their week areas.