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What are Non-Verbal CogAT Skiils?

A Cognative Ability Test (CogAT) is divided into three segments namely Verbal, quantitative and then non-verbal sets. Let us see in detail as to what are the non-verbal skills that are tested in CogAT. It is worth noting that the non-verbal set of the COgAT is also further divided into three subsets. These three subsets are firstly figure classification, secondly figure analogies and thirdly figure analysis. At the time of examining the non-verbal skills of the child, only geometric shapes and geometric figures are used which have direct relationship with the formal instructions that are provided to the students in the school. In this test, there is no reading involved hence, it is suitable for obtaining estimates which are accurate to judge the development of students who have difficulty in reading or have limited competency in English. The non-verbal test usually involves 15 questions to 25 questions under each segment are provided 10 minutes for each subset.

Let us now see in detail the three subsets of the non-verbal skill. First is the figure classification. Under this subset, the student is provided with three figures that are alike in some way or the other. Together with this they are provided 5 options out of which they have to choose the best option that goes the best with the given three figures. Therefore, we can say that this part of the test focuses to ask the student about the similarity that is available in the question set and then to find a similarity in the set of answer pictures that is offered. An example of such a question is the student can be provided with three pictures of a vegetable or a flower. Further, they are provided with a set of 5 options that comprises 1 vegetable, 1 flower and three fruits. The student will have to choose the best suitable option out of these five which should be similar to the given three pictures.

The Second subset in the non-verbal segment is that of figure analogies. Under this segment the student is provided with three pictures in which the first two pictures have some link with each other and the third picture has the same link with any one of the 5 options provided for choosing the answer. The student has to find the fourth picture which has the said link with the third picture.

Last but not the least let us see the type of questions provided in the third sub-set of non-verbal section, i.e. under figure analysis sub-set. Under this segment the student is provided with the pictures as o how a piece of paper is folded and as to where some holes is punched in it. The student will have to select the one of the option out of 5 choices provided as to how the paper will look like with the made holes once the same is unfolded.