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How to do practice tests for Cogat 7 Exam

Cogat Tests have a number of different exams within them, most of which are based on the class in which the student is studying. This includes exams for the 3rd grade and 5th grade and so on. However, the Cogat 7 is rather unique, since it is based on the age of the exam taker. This means that only 7-year olds can take this test, and the distinctions that make it even more unique are quite evident. Practicing for any exam is always a good thing, and the Cogat 7 Practice test is a great option for those on the verge of sitting for the exam.

Similar to most Cogat tests, the Cogat 7 is split up to into three distinct classifications. These are the verbal section, quantitative section and the non-verbal section. Each of these three sub-sections have questions included that test the logical thinking and reasoning powers of the exam taker. It also helps to determine exactly how the brain of the child in question will develop over time in those two aspects. While it is not exactly an IQ Test, it does have several similarities. For the Cogat 7 Practice Test, one first needs to understand exactly what the test format is. This particular version has been modified to include picture questions, which helps the students to understand and relate to the questions better. This also provides them with greater impetus for the answers that they need to provide. The questions can be categorized accordingly from levels 5 to 17, which correspond to the ages of students from kindergarten to the 12th grade. This automatically goes to show that the questions get increasingly difficult as the levels increase, and preparation in the form of the Cogat 7 practice test ought to be done in a similar fashion.

The verbal segment consists of pictures mainly, with classification and determination of the images being the key aspect. It is worth noting that each section can be worked upon individually depending on the strengths and weaknesses of the student, and this can help them improve exponentially with the Cogat 7 practice test. The quantitative segment, as the name itself suggests, consists mainly of numbers, with different types of puzzles and series which need to be completed. The final segment, i.e. the non-verbal one, consists of paper folding into particular shapes as well as figure classification. This is the segment that most youngsters have a problem with, and it needs to be given particular attention during the practice hours.

Cogat 7 tests need to be treated with a particular sort of behavior, and this is that they allow for the identification of areas to improve. There is no harm in accepting one’s own weaknesses and preparing for the same, which is exactly what the Cogat 7 practice test helps in accomplishing. Simply browse through the possibilities on the Internet to set up a paper that your child can practice on and improve with before taking the test themselves.