Cogat Test Prep

CogAT can be conducted in whole or in part, however, the most complete view of a student will be provided through administration of all 3 batteries. For the Primary Edition (Levels K-2), 2 subtests measure each reasoning abilities. The Multilevel Edition (Levels A-H) uses 3subtests to measure each reason solving abilities. A variety item format on every subtest it used to ensure that scores for each battery are not wrongly affected by performance on a particular item type. Some private agencies also conduct Cogat Test Prep at a discounted offer and with lot of additional facilities.

Requirement of Cogat Test Prep

The test levels can be differed as per various levels such as low, average and high ability classes. Some students in any group who are expected to score above the 90% may be selected as candidates for individualized testing with a level different from the level used for the majority of students. In such a case, make inquiry with your school administration for additional information on which level is suitable for your student.

CogAT measures students’ learned reason solving abilities in the 3 areas most linked to academic success in school: Verbal, Quantitative and Nonverbal.

The Verbal Battery tests a student’s vocabulary, as well as his/her comprehension of ideas and verbal memory, and ability to discover word relationships. It is made up of three sub batteries such as Verbal Classification, Sentence Completion and Verbal Analogies. In Verbal classification, the student is given a list of 3 words that are alike in some way. The student is instructed to choose a word, from a selection of 5 words, which is very closely confusing. In Verbal Analogies, selection of matching answer will be required.

The Quantitative Battery tests the student’s quantitative reasoning and problem solving ability. It is made up of 3 sub batteries such as Quantitative Relations, Number Series and Equation Building. In Quantitative relations, the student will face two problems numbered one and two with 3 answer options. The student is to solve the two problems and determine if the answer is greater, less than, or equal to. In Number Series, the student is given a series of numbers and is instructed to decide which number should come next in the series. In Equation Building, the student is given numbers and signs. The student is instructed to combine the numbers and signs to get a solution that is an answer choice. These are related to pure mathematical practice.

In Nonverbal battery the students have to face geometrical questions. The tests need no reading. The nonverbal battery is especially designed for measurement of expertise in reading English rapidly or limited opportunities. This Cogat Test Prep practice makes them stronger. Non verbal battery is made up of three sub batteries such as Figure classification, Figure analogies and Figure analysis. Most of all questions are related to Geometrical figures and variety shapes. Now a day there are some Cogat related websites who provide free or premium membership for attending Cogat Test Prep session.

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