Figuring out your Cogat Scores and what they say about you

The Cognitive Abilities Test, also known as Cogat, is utilized by several teachers to understand how to best proceed with the education of their wards. It is never about solely learning notes or books by heart, but instead, more about developing the logical thinking, reasoning and aptitude that a child possesses. Honing these skills can go a long way in helping the youngster grow as an individual, as well as improve their brain functions as well. The Cogat scores can go a long way in understanding a child and how his or her mind works, as well as the key areas which ought to be concentrated upon for their future betterment. Teachers in particular have administered the Cogat test to their students to outstanding effect.

The Cogat scores are assigned based on a number of factors. The first thing that a person needs to keep in mind is that the children sitting for the test are all of varying ages and grades. It can range from anything between the 3rd to the 5th grade or more, as well as the age groups of 7 to 10. This factor is kept in mind when it comes to assigning the scores, since it plays a large part in how developed the minds already are. There are two systems which are utilized when it comes to Cogat, and they are the Stanine System and the Percentile System. Both are relatively clear-cut concepts, and not as confusing as most people make it out to be.

There are four different markings from the various sub-tests of the overall Cogat Tests, namely the Verbal, Non-Verbal, Quantitative and Composite Tests. These all concentrate on particular sections of the logical aptitude of the examinee, apart from the composite test, which is used for the assigning of an overall score. The Cogat scores are ranked in percentile, in which case, attaining 80 percentile means that the student is part of the top 20 amongst 100 applicants. Conversely, it also signifies that the student in question has performed better than 80 of the total number of applicants. Anything about 85 percentile signifies the examinee to be a gifted one, while below that are further sub-divisions of average, low and so on and so forth.

The Stanine system of the Cogat scores on the other hand, is similar to a Grade Point Average, being assigned on a nine-point scale. Stanine range from 1 to 3 indicates a below average score, 4 to 6 represents an average performance and 7 to 9 signifies good results. It’s quite simple once the concept of it all is understood. This is the main problem in the first place. Figuring out Cogat scores is not rocket science, and it is something that every parent, teacher or even student can do with ease. The entire test lasts for 1.5 hours, and after that, the results simply point to the direction that ought to be taken to further the skill set that the student already possesses.

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