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How Are the Cogat Test Scores Announced?

A Cognitive Abilities Test, also popularly known as CogAT, is an evaluation of reasoning skills that are given to students in grades K through 12. The primary objective of this test is to ascertain the success of students in different areas such as quantitative, verbal as well as non verbal reasoning. It is important for you to know that it is not, in any form, related to IQ test and there is no concept as such 100 percent score. One of the most common usages of CogAT is placement in talented as well as gifted programs. It is very common for you, as a parent, to be concerned about the results of the test.

Assessment of the CogAT Scores

  • Find out the number that indicates towards the percentile in which your kid has been placed for verbal reasoning. For instance, if the score report of your son says that he was positioned in 96th percentile of verbal analysis that simply means your child has outperformed 96 percent of his peers. In other words, he is the top four percent of his age group.
  • Similarly, find the number that indicates the percentile of your kid so that you know the position of your child in non verbal reasoning.
  • In a similar fashion, you need to locate the number that helps you identify the percentile in which your son or daughter has been positioned for the quantitative reasoning.
  • Finally, find the number that indicates the merged percentile for all three different sections. This final number will comprise all three scored for three sections indicating where does your child stands by comparing the number with other students who have appeared for the test. Therefore, merged percentile score of 96 signifies that your child performed better in all three sections in comparison to other students in his or her age group.

Review Stanines to find out CogAT Scores

  • Start with finding the number that indicates the stanine for verbal reasoning of your child. For instance, a stanine of 8 means a percentile range of 89 to 95 and that of 9 indicates to a percentile range of 96 to 99, and so on. If you child’s stanine is above 5 then it means he performed above average for that section.
  • Find the number that indicates stanine for your child’s non-verbal reasoning test.
  • Similarly, find the number that indicates stanine for your child’s quantitative reasoning test.

Once you get to know about your child’s CogAT Scores, there is no need for you to panic. Ask educator for guidance, if you find any difficulty.